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A residential building owned by Ksenija Langienė.…

The house stands out because of the highly original "Dutch" type of facade not seen in Lithuania elsewhere. Like a make-believe screen it covers the whole house, which has neither the customary plinth nor, it seems, a roof. The latter, in fact, exists but is obscured by walls extending to the top. I…

Because this building stands on Žaliakalnis slope, all of his residents have the best views to the city center in each window. While the architecture of the building is restrained, the place and a huge terrace on the top of the building makes it an exception.…

In this house the famous Lithuanian painter Vytautas Kazimieras Jonynas lived from 1938 to 1944. Vytautas Kazimieras Jonynas was one of the most renowned 20th century Lithuanian artists. He worked as a book illustrator, graphic, painter, sculptor, stained glass artist, posters and furniture designer…

The house belonged to Elijošius Šnaideris. It was built in just half a year! Each floor had two apartments: one three-room, one four-room. As was customary, the best rooms were joined by sliding half-doors; on the courtyard side near the kitchens there were two small rooms for the maids; but there w…

Sitkūnai radio station is a large facility for medium wave and shortwave broadcasting at Sitkūnai, Lithuania. The decision to build a new transmitting centre near the village of Sitkunai, about 17 km north of Kaunas was made by the Government of Lithuania in 1937.…

Older residents of Kačerginė remember the writer Pranas Mašiotas, fondly called “Pasakų Senelis” (The Grandpa of Fairy-tales), sitting in his summerhouse, writing and talking to children. This corner of a pine wood and a house next to it have been respectfully referred to as Mašiotynė to this day.…

The house of Lithuanian sculptor Juozas Zikaras. …
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