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The vicinity of the post office and the phone exchange buildings was no accident. As the post office was being modernized, the need of a modern phone exchange became apparent. The rapidly increasing number of telephone subscribers was quickly overloading the ancient manual switch systems - they need…

The historical Kaunas' Officers' Club remains to this day one of the city's most significant interwar architectural gems. Over the years, the building has retained its original function, and fascinates not only by its expressive architecture, but also by what's hidden behind its walls.…

Almost a full century stands between us, and the First Lithuanian Republic. It may seem like a very long time, and every monument that reminds us of that period is often seen as an outdated relic. The Central Post Office building, however, still stands as a perfect example for understanding the back…

During the interwar period, Kaunas not only became the cultural, economic and political centre of Lithuania, but also a giant construction site. From these tumultuous times, we have inherited a throve of architectural creations, but the people behind these monuments and buildings are often forgotten…

Obelynė is one of the most famous places that reminds us of Tadas Ivanauskas (1882–1970). And we do not have many of such places. Is easier to count them rather than name them, and one can get lost in the endless list of merits and interesting biography facts that the famous professor of nature left…

After making a fortune, Romanas Polovinskas, the co-owner of construction company Mūras, built a large residential house at the city centre in 1932. It seems that his status as a businessman and approach to innovations was a natural reason to select the author of the project: the building of express…

Adored by its contemporaries: “The noble and transparent style of the Palace of Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Trades symbolised the flight of those three branches towards the higher, nobler shapes in relationship with the Mercurial services and free competition with one another (Ignas Šeinius, …

"The Iron Wolf", railways, metal-covered doors and the sleek streamline design inspired by the techno-aesthetics: a union consolidated by metal! What does it have in common with this building? Essentially, there is nothing in common but a persistent and strong owner that symbolically embodies all th…
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