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The house of Beras Goldbergas is marked by a simple yet harmonious facade and a rational plan. There were two three-room apartments on each floor. In the symmetric composition of the facade all elements are distributed evenly and proportionately. The somewhat thickened end parts near the second and …

The school consists of two blocks: a long one alongside the street and one joined perpendicularly in the yard. The classrooms are arranged on the street, the southern, side; while the corridors run into the yard. It was probably only when the school`s construction was coming to an end that it was de…

This house was constructed and owned by four famous Lithuanian doctors in 40s.…

The private hospital and house of famous Lithuanian doctor Vladas Kuzma.…

Originally this building served for the organization devoted to the promotion of health, hygiene, and childcare among Jews. Now it is a sports medicine center.…

This house was built in two stages. In 1931 architect Vytautas Landsbergis designed a house for Sergijus Klimas, the brother of politician Petras Klimas. In 1939 the second volume of the house was added by the new owner Kazys Škirpa.…

A residential building owned by construction contractors Mikas and Ona Grodzenskis.…

The Pienocentras central dairy complex in the historical Karmelitai industrial zone on the bank of Nemunas river.…
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