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On the beautiful Žaliakalnis slope, near the stairway to the city , the famous architect Kudokas built himself a house. Here, for the first time, he put in the loggias (galleries) so popular in Italy where he had studied and which soon became popular with other designers and clients. The house has b…

The former home of the painter, set-designer and decorative artist Liudas Truikys and his partner, soprano Marijona Rakauskaite.…

There are only four remaining mosques in Lithuania, and Kaunas Mosque is one of them. Kaunas had a wooden mosque built in 1860, but in 1930 for the commemoration of the 500th death anniversary of Vytautas the Great, the Grand Duke who invited Tatars to come and settle in Lithuania, a decision was ma…

This house belonged to the Prime Minister and lawyer Mykolas Šleževičius and his wife dentist Doma Šleževičienė. Both of them not only lived here, but also had their independent practices. …

Owned by Kazimieras Škėma, a famous lawyer, this house had five floors, which in the interwar years was a rarity. During its construction the owner hat to negotiate hard in order to get its height approved by the municipality`s building commission, since it diverged noticeably from general height le…

The building contained not only an internal medicine and neurology clinic but also the owner`s apartment, located far up behind on the fourth floor. The first storey was devoted to hydrotherapy; the second to patients` reception; and the third to the clinic. The terraced mezzanine served recreationa…

The lab was intended for research on military industry raw materials and products. The building thoroughly reflects the canons of international functionalist architecture. Architectural solutions – a free plan not constrained by load-bearing walls, continuous sash windows, a flat roof – were all dic…

The location of this building is related to the agriculture and industry exhibitions, organised by the Chamber of Agriculture, that took place on the upper terrace behind the building. The main entryway to exhibition hill was next to the building, this influenced its configuration. The east side rec…
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