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The building is represented by the highly decorated central part. Below, above the arched entry spaces, there are thematic reliefs: Motherhood, New Settlers, and Horn of Plenty (sculpted by Juozas Zikaras).…

This residential house was formerly the property of the businessman and CEO of notorious interwar Kaunas furniture factory. It still has its original decorative doors, made by skilled craftsmans.…

This three-storey building and modern post office in Šančiai was not only the building with a particular function (post office and telephone exchange), since the beginning it also became one the jewels of Šančiai main street – Juozapavičius avenue.…

Because of its tranquil expressiveness and geometric architectonics, this 614-seat cinema distinguishes itself from other built at that time. The property of Dominykas Polovinskas, Jurgis Jankauskas, and Ona Breimerienė, it was designed by the engineer Antanas Breimeris, while the architect Stasys K…

The last movie theatre to begin operating in free Kaunas. "Romuva", beeing the biggest and most modern cinema with 687 seats, is a unique legacy of Lithuanian cinematic history, the only cinema theatre in Kaunas which preserved its functions and mission. This was the result of huge public endeavour.…

Paulius Galaunė was a pioneer of professional Lithuanian museology, painter, art critic, as well as folk art researcher, bibliophile, and collector. The library collection (12 thousand volumes) is very rich – collected by Paulius Galaunė from among publications related to Lithuania, its history, cul…

The villa of Prime Minister Juozas Tūbelis arose in one of the prettiest Kaunas spots at that time, on the uppermost terrace of the Žaliakalnis hillside near Kaukas Lane. It is a building, with an open view of the hillsides, that is modern in architecture, lucid in form, and asymmetric in compositio…

The house of Juozas Daugirdas, director of the Drobė Company, was at the start of the 1930s one of the most modern buildings in Lithuania and held to be a jewel of Vytauto Avenue. The four storey building with the mezzanine served for shops and living. The portal is ornamented with a rim of Dubeneck…
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