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This primary school in Šančiai was one of the biggest in Kaunas at that time. It is a characteristic building of one of the most productive school designer of the interwar period Feliksas Bielinskis.…

A lot of modern buildings in Šančiai were design by famous Lithuanian architect and school designer Stasys Kudokas. This primary school in Šančiai is one of the signs of modernization in this district.…

This is a sacred building of Romanesque spirit created with modern architectural means. The volume is massive, basilica-like, with two thickset rectangular towers in front. The church`s constructions are of reinforced concrete: the supporting arches and the caisson shell covering the nave.…

During the interwar period Šančiai was one of the city districts that faced the biggest modernization. New schools, factories and infrastructure projects were done here. Šančiai firefighters` building is one of such examples.…

This wooden house belonged to famous Lithuanian writer Kazys Boruta. Currently it is a memorial place of the writer.…

This summerhouse of Landsbergiai family was built in 1938. A green-painted one-story house with an attic became a shelter from bombs falling on the city during the war. After the war, the house was nationalized, and a town pharmacy was established there. Today the house again belongs to the family.…

At first sight this big wooden structure is more a reminiscence of traditional Lithuanian wooden manor than a administrative building, but back in the interwar years it was one of the most significant local institutions in the area.…

After the serious fire in 1938 the whole town center of Vilkija was destroyed. Regardless of big losses and damage, the fire was also a catalyst for modernization. The unique urban plan of Vilkija is still one of the most valuable in Lithuania.…
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