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This property with two houses in Parodos Street belonged to engineer Stasys Čiurlionis. First of all, he built a wooden, homestead type house in 1920. Later, the three-storey modern house was built in 1933.…

A water tower is an engineering structure – part of a water supply system – the main part of which is a water tank raised at a certain height. The reservoir is designed to store and use water supplies during peak water demand, also raised water creates pressure in the water system.…

The property, with wooden and brick buildings, belonged to the engineer Stasys Čiurlionis. First of all, the wooden house was built in 1920. The three-story brick house, presumably built for rent, erupted in 1933. The owner also owned a spacious, albeit not very comfortable, piece of land uphill.…

It was a house from which family members or guests could watch the Lithuanian song festivals happening in the neighborhood. In this house facing the street with a balcony, officer Antanas Gedmantas and his family settled in 1928.…

The construction of this building was driven by the need to have a state printing house, which had to fully meet the needs of the state press. This is the first large state edifice built during the period of national independence, the first to be built as a result of an international bidding competi…

This is the building that once proclaimed: "Justice is the foundation of states". During the interwar period, just a few buildings were created for state institutions, so these few examples allow us to look at how the state sought to represent itself in architectural spaces. The Ministry of Justice,…

The builders of this house in the interwar period were Viktoras and Betty Rėklaičiai – an exemplary duo of active and social people of that period. After moving to Kaunas, Rėklaičiai decided to build up a private family house. It was designed by architect Klaudijus Dušauskas-Duž and built in 1933. T…

This house was built for rent in 1932 by Antanas Šatynskis. The owner owned two houses on the same plot (E. Ožeškienės Street 45 and 43). The formerly built house next to the stairs was occupied by the owner himself, and the large, three-story house was leased. Both were designed by renowned archite…
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