2019 March 18

County government

This is a typical Kaunas administrative building whose structure and composition were set not just by its corner location but also by its two-fold function. The building originally housed all county government offices (Laisvės Ave.) and the Security Department (Vytauto Blvd.).
2019 March 18

Patient fund

What is considered moderate and stylish today, during the interwar period was modern and progressive. This is one of the first specialized medical buildings in Lithuania that inspired other cities to follow its lead.
2019 March 12

“Pienocentras” central dairy complex

The Pienocentras central dairy complex in the historical Karmelitai industrial zone on the bank of Nemunas river.
2019 March 7

Chamber of Labor building

This building, devoted to the professional and cultural interests of workers, has the severe and sparse appearance of an administration building. The building is composed of two four-storey blocks laid out alongside the streets. In the yard there is a two-storey volume, at the end of which there is a raised stage for a theater auditorium with a balcony. On the first floor of the Vytautas Blvd. block, there is a smaller club hall; and in the basement there is a sports hall. On the third floor of the Kęstutis St. block there were rooms for teaching. The Chamber of Labor, comprehensively meeting workers` cultural education needs, was an institution without equal in Lithuania.
2019 February 7

Firefighters` building

The location of the building was determined by its proximity to a source of water, the Nemunas River; and its curved facade was dictated by the need to have space for fire engines. The main curved part of the building contained the garage bays; above them were the fire-station offices and rest areas; the third storey housed the Pedagogical Museum. Other small buildings were situated around the interior courtyard. The Nemunas street wing had a store on the first floor, an apartment on the second, and a pawnshop on the third. The curbed part of the building is framed by small towers whose purpose is compositional rather than functional.
2019 February 5

Museum of Vytautas the Great

This building represents, in the best and most clear way, the specific character of our interwar architecture: the harmonious interaction between tradition and modernity. Academic traditions are reflected by the way spaces and plan are structured to emphasize compositional axes and symmetry. This principle is opposed by the bell tower joined on the side through an arch gallery. The contradictory purpose of the museums – war and culture in one "body" – is expressed in two distinctly treated facades: the official, main one of the War Museum and the more laid-back one of the Culture Museum. In front of the War Museum there is a memorial square with monuments honoring famous activists and events of the national independence period.
2019 February 4

State Insurance building

The building is represented by the highly decorated central part. Below, above the arched entry spaces, there are thematic reliefs: Motherhood, New Settlers, and Horn of Plenty (sculpted by Juozas Zikaras).
2019 February 4

Movie theatre “Romuva”

The last movie theatre to begin operating in free Kaunas. "Romuva", beeing the biggest and most modern cinema with 687 seats, is a unique legacy of Lithuanian cinematic history, the only cinema theatre in Kaunas which preserved its functions and mission. This was the result of huge public endeavour. The modernity and contemporary trend of the building are even more highlighted by a turret underlining the glazed entrance, which had become one of the symbols. However, the urban solution of the object was probably most important to the city. When the cinema building was retracted to the depth of the land plot, a small and cosy public space was formed.
2019 February 4

Kaunas Mosque

Kaunas Mosque or Vytautas the Great Mosque is one of four remaining mosques in Lithuania. It is the only brick mosque in Lithuania.