Žilvinas Rinkšelis

2020 December 6
botanikos sodo tiltelio ikonele

Botanical garden bridge

The architectural objects that appeared in the Botanical Garden of Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University during the interwar period are interesting not only in their history, but also in different functional types. A small bridge over the pond is one of them.
2020 December 3
architekto jokubo pero namo ikonele

House of architect Jokūbas Peras

There are many places in Kaunas where a lot of modernist buildings have been concentrated in one bunch. One such "island" is the area of ​​Trakų and K. Būgos streets. Here you can find not only a large part of the residential buildings designed by Jokūbas Peras, but also the house of the architect himself.
2020 October 6
šveicarijos pasiuntinybės namas ikonelė

Residential house and the Consulate of the Swiss Confederation

Today, a sign hangs on the house standing on K. Donelaičio Street, marked with the number 45. It marks the place of the Consulate of the Swiss Confederation. It was working here from 1938 to 1940.
2020 August 18
Valtienės vilos ikonėlė

Villa of Valčiai family

Two adjacent summer houses in Kačerginė belonged to sisters Pranciška Ona Skomskienė and Zofija Valtienė. Both of them were designed and built by their brother Juozas Paulauskas. The summer houses designed by the same person also had individual features. The villa of Zofia and her husband Jonas, a lawyer, had a wooden tower typical of the resort architecture, which stands out and protrudes in the crowns of trees to this day.
2020 August 3
kauno audiniai_ikonele

Textile factory “Kauno audiniai”

Textile factories have become significant places of modernization and architectural innovations both in Europe and in Lithuania since the Industrial Revolution. The largest textile factories in Lithuania began to sprout in the second half of the 1930s, mainly in Kaunas and Klaipeda. It was the golden age of the textile industry in Lithuania.
2020 June 30
lietukio ikonele 3

Former office building of the “Lietūkis” company

Apparently, the office of one of the largest cooperatives in Lithuania, which had a very significant impact on the economy of independent Lithuania, seems a bit modest. Especially when comparing it with the offices of "Pažanga" or "Pienocentras" companies in Laisvės Avenue. However, the "palace" of the company was considered to be a real decoration of Vytautas Avenue.
2020 June 26
palemono keramikos ikonele

Brick and tile production company “Palemonas”

With the growth and modernization of construction in interwar Lithuania, also the construction industry expanded and improved. One of the reasons for Lithuania's backwardness in construction was the lack of bricks. In 1923 "Palemonas" – the largest and most modern company producing high-quality bricks and tiles, was established. The products of this company were used for the construction of many buildings in Kaunas
2020 June 24
kino teatro ausra ikonele

Movie theatre “Aušra”

Movie theatre “Aušra” was opened in 1939 in Žaliakalnis. For a short period of time it was the most modern and beautiful movie theatre in Kaunas with 800 seats until the emergence of “Romuva” in the city center.
2020 June 24
kino teatras odeon

Movie theater “Odeon”

This was the first building built especially for a movie theatre in Kaunas. Although cinema in Kaunas was not new before, from 1907 to 1926 it was not shown in buildings built specifically for cinemas, but only in buildings adapted to them, usually in various halls.