Žilvinas Rinkšelis

2020 June 30
lietukio ikonele 3

Former office building of the “Lietūkis” company

Apparently, the office of one of the largest cooperatives in Lithuania, which had a very significant impact on the economy of independent Lithuania, seems a bit modest. Especially when comparing it with the offices of "Pažanga" or "Pienocentras" companies in Laisvės Avenue. However, the "palace" of the company was considered to be a real decoration of Vytautas Avenue.
2020 June 24
kino teatro ausra ikonele

Movie theatre “Aušra”

Movie theatre “Aušra” was opened in 1939 in Žaliakalnis. For a short period of time it was the most modern and beautiful movie theatre in Kaunas with 800 seats until the emergence of “Romuva” in the city center.
2020 June 24
kino teatras odeon

Movie theater “Odeon”

This was the first building built especially for a movie theatre in Kaunas. Although cinema in Kaunas was not new before, from 1907 to 1926 it was not shown in buildings built specifically for cinemas, but only in buildings adapted to them, usually in various halls.
2020 May 31
IX forto memorialinio komplekso muziejus ikonėlė

Kaunas Ninth Fort Museum

The architecture of the memorial museum building symbolizes a land shattered by the pain of tens of thousands of people killed. Inside the building, the most characteristic features of brutalism architecture are clearly recognizable – huge rough reinforced concrete surfaces with casting pattern, instead of unnecessary decor – concrete, glass, metal construction.
2020 May 12
augustausko namo ikonele

House of officer Vytautas Augustauskas

After moving to Kulautuva, the new director of the summer resort V. Augustauskas built a residential house, where he not only lived but also worked – the resort directorate was also located here. Today, this building houses the community center of Kulautyva.
2020 May 11
zapyskio baznycia

New Church of Zapyškis

In 1939, the construction of a pseudo-romanic style church with a square tower started in Zapyškis. However, construction was not completed until 1942, and it opened its doors only in the Soviet era. The walls of the building are decorated with the modernized elements of historical styles typical for interwar Lithuanian architecture and also cleverly integrated fragments of the walls of the ruined church.
2020 April 28

Office of the “Ateitininkai” organization

"Ateitininkai" is a Catholic youth organization that, in addition to social and educational activities, took care of the material support of its members, including students, and tried to create conditions for poor young people to study. In 1928 the building, which opened its doors, became the organization’s refuge, its economic and cultural center.
2020 April 23

The civic center of Zapyškis

Designed by architect J. Staskevičius, a two-storey administrative center consists of two separate buildings. Although both buildings have separate entrances, they are connected by a corridor. At this connection, the vertical accent of this complex rises to the top – a water supply tower with an observation point, from which an impressive panorama of the Nemunas Valley opens up.
2020 March 16

House of engineer Stasys Čiurlionis

This property with two houses in Parodos Street belonged to engineer Stasys Čiurlionis. First of all, he built a wooden, homestead type house in 1920. Later, the three-storey modern house was built in 1933.