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In 1931 Jonas Mačiulis-Maironis’s sister Marcelė Mačiulytė presented the Curia of Vilkaviškis Episcopate with a site (now on Pabrėžos St.). At the end of 1939, the three-storey Congregation Convent of Sisters of St. Elizabeth was built (architect Karolis Reisonas).…

House of composer S. Šimkus called "Šimkynė". Stasys Šimkus was a classic of the Lithuanian vocal and choral music, songs comprise the most significant part of his oeuvre and serve as a benchmark to the composers of later generations. Stasys Šimkus is a representative of national romanticism.…

Botanical Garden of Vytautas Magnus university was founded in 1923. More than 10,000 plant taxons comprise its botanical collections and expositions. Well-groomed and rich plant expositions, the largest Green house in Lithuania, picturesque old park with a unique pond system and bridges, numerous bu…

This rational yet still decorative building is kind of a jewel in a surrounding area, mainly built up with boring administrative buildings from the 19th century. The house had stores on the first floor and apartments on the second.…

This is a typical Kaunas administrative building whose structure and composition were set not just by its corner location but also by its two-fold function. The building originally housed all county government offices (Laisvės Ave.) and the Security Department (Vytauto Blvd.).…

This church is called a little sister or a small copy of the Christ Resurrection church on Žaliakalnis hill. It was designed by the same Latvian architect Karolis Reisonas. The church is designed according to the Lutheran tradition – with one big hall inside and with the tower in front of the buildi…

What is considered moderate and stylish today, during the interwar period was modern and progressive. This is one of the first specialized medical buildings in Lithuania that inspired other cities to follow its lead.…

In this compact house belonging to the physician Nadežda Nagornienė each floor had an apartment for people engaged in private professional practice. The apartments had professional rooms and waiting rooms to which there were separate entries from the staircase. The latter also had service entrances …
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